Professionalising Supply Chain Management

Australasian Supply Chain Institute is the not-for-profit Professional Accreditation Body for Supply Chain Management In Australia. 

Drawing from its 65 year heritage, ASCI has developed a professional framework to the requirements of the Professional Standards Authority and runs a Professional Accreditation Scheme that makes available registration to the entire supply chain management community.

ASCI provides access to a Continued Professional Development program, including global industry certifications, webinars, events, podcasts, research and resources for registration maintenance and professional learning.

Through our advocacy, we will become the trusted Professional Accreditation Body for Supply Chain Management in Australasia.

Reaching Out To Victoria

The ASCI Member Community sends words of encouragement to their Victorian peers, as they complete their final weeks in COVID-19 Stage 4 Lockdown.



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ASCI Professional Accreditation Scheme

In pursuing its vision: "Professionalising Supply Chain Management", Australasian Supply Chain Institute (ASCI) has positioned itself as the official Professional Accreditation Body for the Australasian Supply Chain Industry and has become the trusted accreditation authority for the registration of Supply Chain Professionals, Practitioners and Associates in Australasia.

ASCI has developed a Professional Accreditation Scheme for industry-wide standards and consistency in the profession. This Professional Accreditation Scheme, through which individuals can register as professionals and practitioners, provides a confirmation and acknowledgement to the individual and by implication, to the industry, of his/her career achievements against a globally aligned, industry accepted set of standards, on par with other professional disciplines in industry.

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