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ASCI as a Professional Body

Australasian Supply Chain Institute (ASCI) is the not-for-profit Professional Accreditation Body for Supply Chain Management in Australasia. 

ASCI enhances the status of supply chain management as a profession by improving the quality of the workforce, public trust and confidence with respect to compliance of relevant regulatory or legal requirements.

Drawing from its heritage, ASCI has developed a professional accreditation scheme to register Supply Chain Professionals, Practitioners and Associates. The scheme aligns with the requirements of the Professional Standards Authority - the independent statutory body responsible for promoting professional standards and consumer protection.

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Enhance your career. Be recognised for your expertise and academic achievements. Registration demonstrates commitment to ethics and continued learning, helping to raise the standards for the profession. Benefits include:

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Professional Registration

Professional registration under the ASCI Professorial Accreditation Scheme, provides professional recognition of competence through the confirmation and acknowledgement to the individual and by implication, to the industry, of his/her career achievements against an industry-accepted, globally aligned set of standards, on par with other professional disciplines in the industry. Registration under the Professional Accreditation Scheme is available to the entire supply chain management community.

Continued Professional Development

ASCI's Continued Professional Development Program provides a uniquely structured set of offerings, in line with ASCI's globally aligned Supply Chain Management Knowledge Base and Professional Registration Streams. Its offerings have gone through a rigorous review to ensure that its quality and delivery meet the ASCI Professional Accreditation Scheme standards.

Ethics Management Program 

The ASCI Ethics Management Program (EMP) offers all categories of ASCI members access to a complete & unique professionalisation based Ethics Program: which includes a full complaints process including disciplinary, penalties and appeals; an agreed Professional Conduct Statement with expected prescriptive standards of conduct & principles covering ethics in the supply chain; and access to relevant coaching, guidance, and webinars


ASCI's Advocacy Program exists to effect change in the Supply Chain Management profession. On behalf of the supply chain community, it involves engagement with, i.e., government, industry, and media, to identify challenges and areas of concern in the supply chain and determine potential resolutions to go out and make a positive impact on the Supply Chain industry.

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