Registration Benefits

Professional registration under the ASCI Professional Accreditation Scheme provides independent and objective recognition of your work experience, skills, and qualifications, meeting the standards required to join the global community of professional registrants in the supply chain domain.

There are several benefits associated with professional registration:

You will be recognised in your professional environment.
Professional registration publicly acknowledges your experience, skills, and other qualifications.  It captures relevant on-the-job experience and captures your level of competence as a registrant. Registration also demonstrates your commitment to integrity, your regard for public interest and your responsibility for others.

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You can reflect on your achievements with pride.
What do you do day-to-day that few others can?

Applying for professional registration supports and encourages you to acknowledge and celebrate what you have achieved in your career so far. Registration recognises what you do daily – a process that encourages you to build your confidence as a practitioner.

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You will demonstrate your commitment to ethical standards.
Registration tells others you are committed to consistently working to high ethical standards and provides them with trust and confidence in you as a professional.
By becoming registered, professional registrants agree to be bound by ASCI’s Ethics Management Program and the associated code of professional conduct.

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You will be that special person who stands out.
Registration is a clear mark of quality and competence that is sought after by employers as it commits you to standards of integrity and professional development that help them effectively manage risk.

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You will become a leader within your field.
Being professionally registered is a mark of excellence. Each of ASCI’s registration levels reflects progressive stages in your career as a professional, encouraging you to work towards achieving enhanced professionalism, technical and management skills, and knowledge.

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Join a growing community of supply chain registrants.
ASCI registrants are spread across many industry sectors but are all committed to professional excellence. When you become registered, you become part of a community of registered professionals. 

ASCI-registered practitioners are also eligible to serve as Community Council Members. The Community Councils are primarily responsible for leading the communities, overseeing the integrity of the registration process, quality assurance of CPD offerings and the like.

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