APICS CTSC - Online Certification Review Course

APICS CTSC (Certified in Transformation for Supply Chain)


Course Dates & Duration

5 June 2024 -  7 August 2024

Classes are conducted weekly, 7 pm to 9:30 pm (2.5 hours) Sydney Time, totaling 10 sessions and 25 training hours.


ASCI Member: $1,999

Non Member: $2,399


What is the CTSC?

Supply chains have faced significant disruptions in recent years. Now more than ever before, supply chain professionals need to become transformational leaders with skills in systems thinking, digital fluency and analytical methods for all types of supply chains.

Why earn the CTSC?

Earning the CTSC demonstrates your expertise in supply chain strategy, proves your ability to lead a major transformation project and sets you apart from the competition—paving the way for new professional opportunities.

The program leverages components of globally recognised industry standards, including the ASCM SCOR Digital Standard (DS), Enterprise Standards for Sustainability and the Digital Capabilities Model (DCM) to:

  • Identify risks and opportunities, and select the appropriate frameworks, models and approaches to effect transformation
  • Apply systems thinking to develop, analyze and validate concept alternatives for transformation
  • Manage skills, roles, responsibilities and infrastructure needed for successful supply chain transformation
  • Identify tools and technologies to enable effective supply chain transformation
  • Identify and implement strategies for reinforcing and replicating improvements


It is a requirement that all students have the current CTSC Learning System prior to commencing the course.

Learning Systems and Certification Exams are purchased separately and are not included in the price of Online Certification Review Courses.

No refund will be issued if the student withdraws after the course has started.

Target Audience

Professionals associating with the supply chain sector in senior roles can opt for the course to gain the skills required to effectively manage global supply chain transformation activities that involve their extended enterprise, including the web of suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and transportation carriers.

Target Competencies

  • Supply Chain Transformation
  • Change Management and Digital Transformation
  • Supply Chain Optimisation
  • Risk Management
  • Collaboration and Relationship Skills
  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • Data Management and Analytics
  • Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Course Outline

Module 1:Supply Chain Transformation Overview

  • Supply Chain Transformation Introduction
  • Supply Chain Transformation Strategy Overview
  • The Drivers of Supply Chain Transformation
  • Supply Chain Transformation Leadership and Culture

Module 2: Preparing for Supply Chain Transformation

  • Select Supply Chain Transformation Drivers
  • Assess the Supply Chain Current State
  • Conceptualise the Future State of Supply Chain Operation Model
  • Identify Initiatives to Address Gaps
  • Initiate Transformation Workstreams and Projects
  • Develop and Iterate Transformation Preliminary Business Case(s)
  • Select Supply Chain Transformation Framework(s)
  • Develop Supply Chain Transformation Roadmap(s)
  • Develop Supply Chain Transformation
  • Detailed Business Case(s)
  • Draft Execution Plan(s)
  • Establish and Align Portfolio Governance

Module 3: Executing Supply Chain Transformation

  • Adopt a Change Management Plan
  • Design and Implement Supply Chain Transformation Workstreams and Projects
  • Implement Governance and Risk Management Framework

Module 4: Review of Supply Chain Transformation

  • Assess the Transformation
  • Communicate Results with Internal and External Stakeholders
  • Reflect on the Transformation

By choosing to study with the Australasian Supply Chain Institute, you have the confidence of knowing our highly qualified instructors are CTSC Certified, experienced professionals who are ready to guide you through the preparation process.

Study that Fits in with You

Our Online Certification Review courses are delivered via our online webinar platform.  You will be connected with a live facilitator who will take you through the content, allow for questions and answers, provide guidance as you work through the Learning System between sessions and share insights and experiences to set you up for success.

To access the session you will need a Windows or Mac PC/Laptop with a broadband internet connection.

It is also advised that you have a headset and microphone available to make the most of the experience.

Please ensure you are able to accommodate the required self paced study from the Learning System between sessions as failure to do so may see you fall behind.

5/06/2024 - 7/08/2024
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