Registration Information

Registration under the ASCI Professional Accreditation Scheme involves an evidence-based process whereby documentation relevant to your chosen stream of registration needs to be submitted as copies of the original documentation. You are required to complete every step below before the assessment of your eligibility for registration will commence.

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Before you Start!

Collate the following documents relevant to the stream in which you intend to apply for registration:

Work Experience

  • Work experience needs to be supported by a detailed copy of your resume.
  • Work experience is assessed on three levels: operational experience, management experience and executive level experience.
    • ASCI may request further details in cases where the information on the resume cannot be verified.

Professional Certifications

  • Professional certificates need to be relevant to your chosen stream 
  • All certificates need to be current

Tertiary Qualifications

  • Copies of all Tertiary Qualifications need to be submitted.

During the Application Process

Establish a free ASCI Profile (or members visit your existing ASCI Profile) here then continue the instructions.

For each element ie work experience, professional certifications or tertiary qualifications, that you claim for registration, you will be required to upload a copy of the supporting documentation.

When done, as a requirement of registration under the ASCI Professional Accreditation Scheme, you will have to accept/comply with the following:

  1. ASCI Terms and Conditions
  2. ASCI Ethics Policy
  3. ASCI Whistle-blowers Policy
  4. ASCI Privacy Policy
  5. ASCI Statement of Professional Conduct

Your Eligibility Assessment  

Once your eligibility to register is confirmed and all steps in the process are completed, you will then be formally registered under the ASCI Professional  Accreditation Scheme.

In the case of registration as Practitioner, you will have to complete a questionnaire on your practical experience in teh stream that you apply for. Depending on the outcome of the assessment of your responses, you may be requested to attend a Practitioner Interview as part of the assessment process. If that is the case, you will be contacted to schedule the interview.

Once your registration is confirmed, your registration and your first year of membership will be processed and you will receive a welcome email which will point you to an option to download your Certificate of Registration, onboarding instructions for using your post nominals and commencing your Continuous Professional Development for the maintenance of your registration.

Registration is $375 per annum for Practitioners and $275 per annum for Associates. These fees are applied after successful eligibility assessment for non-ASCI Members and are non-refundable or transferable.

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