Value Proposition

ASCI is a member-based Professional Supply Chain Community providing career growth and advancement opportunities through an extensive Continued Professional Development program, professional acknowledgement, and recognition of career achievements under an industry recognised Professional Accreditation Scheme. It acts as an official Voice of Supply Chain professionals in Australia in that same market.  

For Individual Members, ASCI offers:

For Corporate Partners, ASCI offers:

  • Participation in the ASCI Corporate Advisory Council (CAC), a forum for Corporate Partners to participate in and contribute to ASCI’s “Professionalising Supply Chain Management” initiative and for the ASCI Board to engage closer with the supply chain industry.
  • Best-practice knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to be deployed back in the workplace, raising the capability throughout senior levels of the organisation. Providing the opportunity to improve your company’s own Supply Chain Management through improved methods and processes and an understanding of best practices. Acquires a core level of embedded understanding, knowledge & capabilities likely to benefit the workplace
  • Professionally registered staff demonstrate capability and competence, increasing customer satisfaction, reputation, saving costs, and effectiveness. Being registered under the ASCI Professional Accreditation Scheme, staff will have external, industry-wide recognition that enhances your organisation's credibility to its clients and customers, mitigating financial, operational, and legal risks.
  • Through representation on the ASCI Industry Advisory Council  (IAC), Corporate partners are engaged and represented in all ASCI Industry Advocacy Initiatives, nominating advocacy issues, participating in advocacy panels, and preparing advocacy submissions.