Registration Process

Registration is an evidence-based eligibility process and you are required to complete every step in the following Steps 1-4 to be considered for assessment.

Getting started

1. Collate documents and have them certified by an authority

Collate the following documents from your career history:

1.    work experience – certificates of employment which must be presented on company letterhead, dated and descriptive of your role/s and dates employed

2.    professional certifications – certificates which are current and maintained

3.    tertiary qualifications – transcripts and certificates 

All documents in points 1-3 above must be witnessed as true copies of the original documents by any of those authorised according to the Commonwealth Government.

2. Complete the Provisional Assessment Of Eligibility For Registration in the stream of your choice

The following spreadsheets contain in-built calculators. Download either class, depending on your career history. Select a stream according to your career history via one of the spreadsheet tabs. Enter the fields that reflect the career evidence to be submitted. Save this file and include it in your submission in Step 3.

Download the Provisional Assessment Of Eligibility For Registration For Registered Associates

Download the Provisional Assessment Of Eligibility For Registration For Registered Practitioners

Please note that the Provisional Assessments are a preliminary tool for your submission and do not accurately indicate the result of your assessment by the technical assessors.

3. Upload your documents to your ASCI Profile 

If you are a not a member of ASCI, create a free ASCI Profile here and follow this step. 

If you are an ASCI Member, log in to the ASCI website and click on your ASCI Profile; click EDIT and upload the following files to Certificates and Transcripts. 

1.    Employment certificates

2.    Professional certifications

3.    Tertiary certificates and transcripts

4.    Your populated Provisional Assessment of Eligibility For Registration

5.    Resume or CV is optional and encouraged

To save the uploads and updates to your ASCI Profile, you may be required to populate some required fields such as your organisation, APICS ID, Privacy Terms and Code of Ethics. If you do not have an APICS ID, you can add a dash. Save your Edits.

4. Confirm your upload of all certified evidence  

Complete the Request For Assessment Form and await further instruction from the Compliance team.

5. The Technical Assessment of your Application for Registration  

Your registration is not processed until it is verified by our team of Technical Assessors. Through a rigorous point matrix assessment, ASCI will determine if your documentation achieves the points requirement. 

6. Practitioner Interview (For Practitioner Registration only)

Once eligible for registration, you will have to attend a Practitioner Interview. On successful completion of the interview, you will be able to formally register as Practitioner.

New to ASCI?

Once the eligibility has been confirmed, your Registration and your first year of membership will be processed and you will receive a welcome email with instructions for setting up your ASCI Profile and commencing your Continuous Professional Development for Registration Maintenance.

For Frequently Asked Questions, visit our website here.

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