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1 Jun 2020 3:43 PM | Deleted user

The ASCI Board is committed to creating a recognised Supply Chain Profession. The significant challenges to global supply chains provide a momentous opportunity to reinforce this commitment and to further develop a strategic plan, referred to as ASCI2025 – A Strategic Roadmap.

Recently Alexandra Riha, ASCI President and Board Chair, released the following statement.

The ASCI board reiterated its continuing commitment to promote and contribute to professionalising Supply Chain Management at its meeting on 22 April 2020. ASCI becoming a premier accreditation body for supply chain domain was initially approved by the Board at the ASCI Annual General Meeting on 15 November 2017. ASCI professional accreditation framework is designed to meet the requirements of the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) which oversees the legislation of professional accreditation bodies in Australia. Our core goal of developing a Supply Chain Profession is talent and continuous professional development; thereby enabling individuals and businesses to build sustainable and profitable supply chains.

As a Professional Accreditation Body, ASCI has two key areas of responsibility towards the broader supply chain domain:

  • The Professional Accreditation Scheme: This Scheme provides recognition and acknowledgement of individuals’ qualifications and career achievements against globally accepted bodies of knowledge and professional standards. It offers a Practitioner Registration in Procurement, Operations, Logistics and Integrated Logistics Support (ILS), which can progress to full registration as Professional Supply Chain Managers (PrSCM). ASCI continues to refine and further develop the Professional Accreditation Scheme. This scheme is supported by a robust Continued Professional Development (CPD) Program for practitioners and professionals to maintain their registration status. The registrants are supported by ASCI’s Ethics Management Program, Risk Mitigation Guidance and its Supply Chain Management Knowledgebase.
  • Industry Advocacy: As a Professional Accreditation Body in the supply chain domain, ASCI aims to contribute to public policy decisions within political, economic, social and environmental contexts that may impact the industry. ASCI actively works towards enhancing the profile and status of supply chain management, maintaining a set of professional standards to enhance capability, building public trust and confidence. For example, in early 2020, in its capacity as Supply Chain Industry Advocate, ASCI has responded to 2020-2021 Pre-budget Submission, participated on the Australian Government Supply Chain Roundtable and the NSW Government’s committee for COVID-19 Impacts and Challenges for Supply Chains, and secured engagement with Standards Australia on a Technical Committee, in the development of probity standards for the supply chains.

We abide by the following operating principles in our interactions and service offerings:

  1. We will act ethically, with integrity and be trustworthy 
  2. We will promote innovation and excellence
  3. We will work as a team
  4. We will be customer-centric 
  5. We will collaborate inclusively.

ASCI, as the Professional Accreditation Body for Supply Chain Management, is committed to supporting the advancement of Supply Chain Management through thought leadership, industry advocacy, professional practice, body of knowledge and capability development. We will partner with leading service providers to deliver industry research and professional development offerings including mentoring and global certifications programs. ASCI will work collaboratively with the Industry participants to promote the best practices to build a stronger, more resilient and sustainable supply chains.

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