ASCI launches Professional Development Colleges

10 Dec 2021 1:41 PM | Anonymous

ASCI continues to refine and further develop its Professional Accreditation Scheme and has established four Professional Development Colleges aligned to each of the current registration streams.

The role of the Professional Development Colleges is to be the intellectual custodian of each registration stream, whether that is logistics, procurement, operations management or integrated logistics support.

The Professional Development Colleges are the foundation of ASCI's ongoing learning/Continued Professional Development objectives. The Colleges will be responsible for ASCI's formal definition of the aligned registration stream. They have scoped the respective domains consisting of key elements and focus areas that will structure ASCI's Continued Professional Development and training opportunities.

The Colleges have commenced the development of online resource libraries to support the ongoing learning in each of the streams of registration.

They will also assist the ASCI Technical Committee to ensure that the registration and accreditation processes are consistent with fundamental contextual thinking relevant to each stream and provide further technical advice and inputs to the broader ASCI CPD program.

In future, the Colleges will develop guidance and potential career path illustrations for candidates towards their career development as practitioners in the longer term.

Each College is led by a College Council that is responsible for the functioning and operations of the College. The College Councils comprise Registered Practitioners only, providing an exclusive opportunity for Registered Practitioners to be instrumental in the further development of the scheme.

The four Colleges are:

The establishment of these professional development colleges is a significant step in progressing toward ASCI's objective of professionalising supply chain management. It is the first time in Australia such colleges have been established for supply chain disciplines, and ASCI is excited to lead this exciting opportunity for the supply chain sector.

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