ASCI produces and republishes a wide variety of digital content for its members and the broader community which are structured under ASCI's Supply Chain Management Knowledge Areas, including:

  1. Supply Chain Strategy
  2. Supply Chain Technology
  3. Supply Chain Management
  4. Procurement Management
  5. Operations Management
  6. Logistics Management
  7. Integrated Logistics Support

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Supply Chain Management Terms and Definitions

The ASCI Supply Chain Management Body of Knowledge (ASCI SCMBoK) is a complete set of concepts, terms and activities that make up the supply chain management domain. In the case of the ASCI SCMBoK, these have been constructed in collaboration with industry and academia and with ASCI’s global certification partners.

A body of knowledge (BoK) is the complete set of concepts, terms and activities that make up a professional domain, as defined by the relevant learned society or professional association. It is a type of knowledge representation by any knowledge organisation.

A body of knowledge is the accepted ontology for a specific domain. The ASCI SCMBoK is based on the ASCI Supply Chain Management Model which has four key components, each containing a prescribed aggregation of knowledge in that particular component which is considered required in those areas.

These four key components are:

Global Memberships and Certifications

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