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  • 1 Mar 2021
  • 22 Apr 2021
  • Online



ASCI and ASCI's collaboration partner, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), have partnered with Anaplan to bring Anaplan's Elevate Program (previously University Connect Program)

This is a free eight week program that ASCI Members can choose to do on their own, or, meet up with ASCI and CIMA peers at beginning of the week where key concepts from the assigned units are introduced, then another optional office hours session at end of the week. Touch points keep learners engaged and moving through the certification content.

The program is available to all individuals wishing to upskill to become Anaplan model builders, make a career change, upskill or be used for advanced standing with (some) tertiary institutions. 

Anaplan Essentials (Pre-learning prior to eight week program) is recommended for learners completely new to Anaplan, model building and planning. The online course introduces connected planning, who Anaplan is, the Anaplan platform and a light exercise on model use / modification.  Learners complete this optional course independently prior to cohort start date. 6-8 hours

Are you ready to begin your Anaplan journey by developing your model building skillset, expanding your understanding of Connected Planning and learning how leading companies use scenario-based planning to gain competitive advantage in uncertain times? We’re ready to help guide you as you develop Anaplan model building skills to support an implementation or use Anaplan models as an analyst at your own company or launch a new career!

This program will help you earn the Anaplan Certified Model Builder designation. You’ll complete 3 courses which cover basic and advanced model building skills and our own brand of Agile implementation: The Anaplan Way. During this series, you’ll complete a build-along FP&A model, then expand your Connected Planning to include a Data Hub and Supply Chain model.

Certification Coursework:

Level 1 Model Building (25-35 hours)

  • Foundational Anaplan concepts
  • Basic model design and building
  • Hands-on practice with business requirements, user stories, dimensions, modules, data imports, formulas, UX and security

The Anaplan Way (12 hours)

  • 4 Cornerstones of successful implementation
  • 5 Implementation phases
  • Hands-on Practice with manifestos, user stories, managing buckets, testing approaches an deployment plans

Level 2 Model Building (30-50 hours)

  • Design and build data hub and supply chain model
  • Connect models for a true, Connected Planning use case
  • Practice advanced model building skills including troubleshooting and complex formulas

How do I sign up?

You will need to register through Anaplan via the link below, but please register via the ASCI event listing as well to redeem your CPD points after the program (point allocation will vary according to your participation).

The next scheduled program is 1 March-22 April, visit our event listing here. 

For more information contact Stef Masielo at Anaplan at 

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