ASCI Webinar: Cognitive Control Towers | 1 CPD

  • 21 Oct 2020
  • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM


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Cognitive Control Towers : How They Are Transforming With Industry 4.0

For decades, companies have based their decisions on historical data which was often outdated. Today, transformed by Industry 4.0 and enabled by integrated real time data, leading organisations are making a paradigm shift towards platforms that allow them to proactively manage the future based on data-driven insights about the present.

Companies now have more supply chain data at their finger-tips than ever before – vital information that can go a long way in driving real time insights and significantly improving operational efficiency and customer outcomes. While building access to supply chain data is a good first step, the success of the organisation resides in the ability to connect and structure the available information to provide end to end transparency and visibility in a timely way.

Cognitive Control towers are rapidly enabling this transparency and the long promised vision of the Supply Chain Control Tower as a central information cockpit that integrates business processes across the supply chain and supports proactive exception management is being realised.

Three key takeaways from the session:

  • Dispel some common myths on Control Towers and understand how they are changing
  • Where do you start the journey and how can Cognitive Control Towers help transform your supply chain
  • Case studies from leading clients who are successfully leveraging Cognitive Control Towers to drive value in their supply chains.  

Our expert presenters include:

  • John O'Connor, Partner, Deloitte
  • Chris Coldrick, Partner, Deloitte
  • Tina Northcott, Director, Deloitte

This webinar is hosted by ASCI NSW Office.

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