Supply Chain Risk and Resilience Level 3 - Connecting supply chain fundamentals with the increasing trend of global volatility, uncertainty, complexity and risk.

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Surveys and studies have concluded that supply chain risk is increasing globally and that supply chain resilience is increasingly a competitive differentiator. The financial impact of supply chain disruptions can be devastating. Supply chain strategies driven by cost management and delivery improvements are no longer comprehensive enough for competitive success. Showing a ROI for risk management initiatives is a difficult sell. The Supply Chain Risk and Resilience (SCR&R) course provides knowledge and tools to guide you through understanding the choices available to manage supply chain risk and support for long term sustainability and profitability. In Level 3, tools are developed and case studies offered that delve into the impact of risk on your company and you will acquire knowledge and insight that enables you to identify, assess, mitigate and manage supply chain risks. Scope of this Course - The course will demonstrate the SCR&R mantra of “Know sooner - Act faster!” Level 3 combines the knowledge of levels 1 & 2 into a BOK on identifying, assessing, mitigating and managing supply chain risk and ensuring a resilient supply chain. Level 3 also leverages online resources, video clips from exemplar companies, personal interaction with the authors, Global Risk Indexes, Global Risk Standards and will require an Executive Report process, much like an MBA class. Who Should Attend - Supply chain professionals, workers in risk mgmt, finance, information, logistics, procurement, manufacturing, operations and distribution will benefit from the SCR&R Body of Knowledge. This interactive capstone course should appeal to executives across multiple disciplines, especially those who have responsibility for managing large scale, complex global supply chains and improving supply chain performance while mitigating and managing the global risks and vulnerabilities for the enterprise. Certification - Completing SCR&R 3 Levels will confer upon the learner the SCR&R Certificate from Lehigh University, USA.

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