Supply Chain Risk and Resilience Level 1 - Connecting supply chain fundamentals with the increasing trend of global volatility, uncertainty, complexity and risk.

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Introduction Supply chain risk is increasing globally and that supply chain resilience is increasingly a competitive differentiator. The financial impact of supply chain disruptions can be devastating and are often not understood until it is too late. Supply chain strategies driven primarily by cost management and delivery improvements are no longer comprehensive enough to ensure competitive success. Unfortunately, showing a hard ROI for risk management initiatives is a difficult sell. This course provides knowledge and tools to guide you through understanding the choices available to your organisation to manage SC risk. Structured in three levels, Level 1 is intended to set the foundation for Supply Chain Risk and Resilience (SCR&R) Body of Knowledge and provides a level of appreciation regarding the elements of basic supply chain management (SCM). Supply chain risk is increasing globally as supply chains expand to all corners of the earth. Scope of this Course While SCM has evolved in improving organisations’ efficiency and profitability by applying technology, vulnerabilities have been exposed through globalisation. The course seeks to position the continued maturity of SCM in a more comprehensive approach including supply chain risk and resilience. Skills obtained Gain an appreciation for basic elements of SCM Understand the reasons for good SC risk and resiliency best practices Learn of the financial implications of SC disruptions Identify SC trends and their impact on profitability and resiliency Gain an understanding of the impact of global volatility on SC operational performance Increase comprehension of the importance of SC cyber security Completing Supply Chain Risk and Resilience Level 1, 2 and 3 will confer upon the learner the Supply Chain Risk and Resiliency Certificate from Lehigh University PA USA.

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