Registration under the Professional Accreditation Scheme

ASCI's Professional Accreditation Scheme provides individuals with the opportunity to register in a number of Supply Chain related streams. Registration under this scheme provides professional recognition of competence through the confirmation and acknowledgement to the individual and by implication, to the industry, of his/her career achievements against an industry accepted, globally aligned set of standards, on par with other professional disciplines in industry.

Assessment of your eligibility to register, is a rigorous review of your “Relevancy of Practice”. This includes work experience on several levels (Operational, Management and Executive), Professional Certifications and Tertiary Qualifications, these all to be relevant to the stream of registration that you pursue. 

To maintain the integrity of the process, you are required to provide absolute compliance of registration requirements. All documentation that you submit as evidence of your relevance of practice, must be certified by a Justice of Peace, as true copies of the original documents ahead of scanning and uploading for submission. Resumés should be affidavit supported with full contact details, against each position that you have held, the latter for our records and audit purposes.

There are three levels of Registration:

1.     Professional Supply Chain Manager (PrSCM)*
2.     Registration as Practitioner (RegPracProc, RegPracOps, RegPracLog and RegPracILS)
3.     Registration as Associate (RegAssocProc, RegAssocOps, RegAssocLog and RegAssocILS)

    * Available in 2025.

    Individuals may register in any of four streams:

    1. Procurement: Registration in the Procurement stream is open to individuals who, by title or primary responsibility, has procurement decision making authority and is assigned to be engaged in or is engaged in the procurement process or the process of administering a contract or grant, including enforcing a contract or grant compliance, approving contract or grant payments, or approving contract or grant change orders or amendments. 
    2. Operations Management: Registration in the Operations Management stream is open to individuals who, by title or primary responsibility, are managing operations, including the oversight of production and assuring product quality. An operations manager's duties vary depending on the organisation. Generally, these include managing quality assurance programs, monitoring existing processes, analysing their effectiveness, and creating strategies to improve productivity and efficiency.
    3. Logistics: Registration in the Logistics stream is open to individuals who, by title or primary responsibility, has the provision of services, namely transport, distribution and warehousing services, stock control and related services provided to facilitate the movement of goods throughout the distribution process, including several aspects such as material handling, warehousing, information, transportation, packaging and inventory.
    4. Integrated Logistics Support: Registration in the Integrated Logistics Support stream is open to individuals who, by title or primary responsibility, are engaged in reviewing engineering requirements throughout the System Design Phase of equipment to enable the successful establishment of Logistics Support Concepts.

    Visit the Registration Process to request an eligibility assessment for potential registration.

    Visit the Public Register to view the registration status of the registrants under the scheme.

    Registration is $375 per annum for Practitioners and $275 per annum for Associates. They include membership benefits for continued professional development for registration maintenance. These fees are applied after successful eligibility assessment and are non-refundable or transferable.

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