Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee oversees ASCI's Ethics Management Program's implementation and maintenance and its Code of Ethics.

The Ethics Management Program offers ASCI Members of all classes access to a professionalisation-based Ethics Program including: 

  • complaints process including disciplinary, penalties and appeals
  • a Professional Conduct Statement with rigid expected standards of conduct and principles covering ethics in the supply chain
  • access to relevant coaching, guidance and webinars.
The Ethics Committee has issued the following policies as key components of the ASCI Ethics Management Program:

    ASCI Ethics Policy

    The ASCI Ethics Management Program is designed to have formalised structures for ensuring that ASCI and its Members are perceived as fair, honest, responsible and just. It conveys ASCI's corporate values and guidance in ethical dilemmas.

    ASCI Privacy Policy

    ASCI respects its members' and people's privacy on its mailing lists.  ASCI takes reasonable steps to protect your personal information. ASCI abides by the (Cth) (Act) requirements concerning collecting, using, and disclosing your personal information and complies with other applicable laws protecting privacy. The ASCI Privacy Policy describes how your privacy is respected and protected in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs).  

    ASCI Whistle-blower Policy 

    ASCI's Complaints and Disciplinary System's goal is to reinforce the ASCI Code of Ethics to promote ethical behaviour and eliminate unethical behaviour.  The enforcement procedures provide a process for receiving, investigating, and adjudicating allegations of a breach of the ASCI Code of Ethics.  The objective is to engage in a process that is fair, transparent, responsible, and confidential. The procedures underlying investigation and resolution of complaints or allegations concerning a breach of the Code, subject to any variation required to comply with provincial or territorial legislation.

    The Ethics Committee is dedicated to the establishment of shared values, culture, ethos and mindset in the Supply Chain domain.

    ASCI Code of Ethics

    Standard of Conduct

    Professional Principles

    Terms fo Reference

    Committee Members

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