College For Integrated Logistics Support

The Professional Development College for ILS will:

a) Promote the functions and benefits of a structured Integrated Logistics Support program to Australian Defence and Industry

b) Support members with ongoing learning, professionalisation and development to enhance their ILS skills and knowledge

c) Advocate for the recognition of the skills and knowledge of our members and Integrated Logistics Support disciplines


Integrated Logistics Support is a set of related disciplines focused on the cost effective; definition, design, development, delivery, and ongoing operation of a harmonised Support System to specified Products or Product Families.


Integrated Logistics Support encompasses a broad set of disciplines that support the delivery of, Operations, Engineering, Maintenance, Procurement and Supply, and Training Services. The ILS College acknowledges that many of those disciplines have their learning and development needs well supported by other ASCI Knowledge Areas  and professional organisations .

The ASCI ILS College will monitor those other ASCI Knowledge Areas and professional organisations to ensure that the ongoing learning and development requirements of members continue to be addressed and remain integrated. 

The ASCI ILS College has identified several Focus Areas where the ILS College can bring significant value to the ILS Community. E.g.: Procurement, Supply Chain, Logistics and Operations collectively cover off on what we in ILS know as Supply Support.

The current list of focus areas for ILS are set out here.

 Professional Development

As part of its role to identify and facilitate ongoing learning/continued professional development opportunities in Integrated Logistics Support, the College has compiled the following offerings:

Publications and Resources

The College continues developing and maintaining a collection of resources in the ILS domain for easy access by practitioners and supply chain professionals.

These resources include white papers, industry standards, research reports, fact sheets, and other similar materials. Resources are available online and can help you stay informed on the best practices and latest developments in ILS.  

Access to these publications and resources can be obtained here.

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