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    • 15 Oct 2020
    • (UTC+11:00)
    • 17 Dec 2020
    • (UTC+11:00)
    • 10 sessions
    • Online
    • 8

    The APICS CPIM credential offers growth, advancement and recognition. This credential is based on global research involving employers and practicing operations professionals at all levels to ensure APICS maintains an industry-leading level of excellence and relevance in our ever-evolving business environment.  

    Basics of Supply Chain Management

    This seven week short course is the first module of the APICS Certified in Production & Inventory Management which is a designation held by over 130,000 supply chain practitioners all over the world. The exam is optional,  but if passed, allows participants to continue to Part 2 of the program and complete the certification. The sessions covered in this seven week course include:
    • Introduction to Supply Chain Management  
    • Manufacturing Design, Planning and Control  
    • Quality and Continuous Improvement 
    • Lean
    • Demand Management
    • Master Planning
    • Material Requirements Planning 
    • Capacity Management
    • Purchasing
    • Aggregate Inventory Management 
    • Item Inventory Management 
    • Execution and Control
    • Physical Distribution

    All participants receive a Certificate of Attendance.

    It is a requirement that all students have the current CPIM Learning System prior to commencing the course, buy here. Exams are optional and are purchased separately, buy here.
      • 28 Oct 2020
      • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (UTC+11:00)

      Technology can provide powerful data insights into your most valuable assets…your people and vehicles.

      Do you know how your vehicles are being driven? Do you know when the driver last took a break or if they are showing signs of fatigue? Do you know if a vehicle was serviced according to its maintenance plan?

      Matt Cooper is the founder and Managing Director of GPS Tracking Systems… a fast-growing hi-tech company that is passionate about improving the safety and profitability of organisations with fleets of vehicles and mobile assets. He is 1 part executive, 2 parts entrepreneur & 1 part geek.

      In this webinar, Matt will address:
      • The types of high-risk incidents in the transport sector and the associated costs
      • The true cost of loss of life to a business
      • Some of the OHS/WHS duty of care requirements and associated penalties for not meeting these standards
      • The Chain of Responsibility and who is involved
      • How technology can help to mitigate some of these incidents and protect employers, employees and subcontractors

      This webinar is hosted by the ASCI Western Australian Chapter.

      There are two registration steps:

      1. Website registration to redeem your Continued Professional Development point, and
      1.  Click the link below to register to the Webinar (where you are advised to save the event to your diary)

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      • 4 Nov 2020
      • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (UTC+11:00)

      Harnessing Personal Resilience Strategies Used By World Class Leaders

      During International Stress Awareness week and as part of the ASCI Resilience Series, the ASCI NSW Chapter is proud to host a webinar with Sharon Williams, Executive Coach, B.Sc (Psych) Hons, M. App. Sc (Psych. Coach) from Alpha Coaching who works with leaders and teams to build resilience and maximise performance and productivity. 

      In this webinar, you'll take away:

      • Personal Resilience – What is it and why do I need it? 
      • Work-Life Integration vs Work-Life Interference – Why work-life balance doesn’t exist and what we can focus on instead to enhance our well-being
      • ‘Five to Thrive’ - Strategies to increase your personal and business resilience
      • Creating High Performance Teams – Enhance the performance of your team by building their collective resilience and personal productivity 

      Sharon will share the latest research on resilience and how it impacts our own personal wellbeing and performance. You will also receive evidence-based tips and tricks that world-class leaders use to enhance their performance and build their own personal resilience whilst also building the collective resilience of their teams. 

      The result is higher productivity, performance and well-being for yourself, your team, and anyone in your life you choose to share these strategies with.

      This webinar is hosted by the ASCI NSW Chapter.

      There are two registration steps:

      1. Website registration to redeem your Continued Professional Development point, and
      2. Click here to register to the Webinar (where you are advised to save the event to your diary)

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      • 9 Nov 2020
      • 11:00 AM (UTC+11:00)
      • 13 Nov 2020
      • 4:00 PM (UTC+11:00)

      Risk & Cyber Week 2020

      ASCI Members are invited to attend Risk and Cyber Week, a fresh initiative from the sector’s peak bodies, Australian Information Security Association (AISA) and Risk Management Institute of Australasia (RMIA).   

      The program for this event runs across the week (Monday to Friday) with a huge range of presentations for you to choose from within a Cyber Stream or a Risk Stream. Live conference sessions will occur from 11am until 4pm each day of the conference, with the Exhibition Zone and Learning Library opening from 10am each day.

      Click here to view the agenda and speakers.

      ASCI Members Receive the same rate as RMIA Members! The total cost of the week's registration is $165 per person. 

      There are two registration steps:

      1. Website registration to redeem your Continued Professional Development points, and
      2. Click here to register to the Conference (where you are advised to save the event to your diary)
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        • 11 Nov 2020
        • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (UTC+11:00)

        The State Of Our State After Stage 4

        ASCI Victorian Chapter Members reflect on the state of their state after Stage 4 Lockdown - the challenges, adjustments, shifts and silver linings.

        The panel discussion which includes:

        ASCI Victorian Chapter President, Matthew Jackson

        ASCI Vice President Christine Miller

        Michael Page's Associate Director, Supply Chain, Claire Stuart

        Together, the expert panel will share what's been experienced in supply chains, recruitment, client facing work, home schooling, and self studies. We'll run a Q&A and share some messages of encouragement from the ASCI Community's Forum for Victoria.

        This webinar is a must attend for Victorian Members, but is also open for anyone who has found COVID-19 their most challenging career experience to date. 

        There are two registration steps:

        1. Website registration to redeem your Continued Professional Development point, and
        2. Click here to register to the Webinar (where you are advised to save the event to your diary)

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          • 16 Nov 2020
          • 9:00 AM (UTC+11:00)
          • 19 Nov 2020
          • 1:30 PM (UTC+11:00)
          • Virtual Short Course

          ASCI is proud to extend an ASCI member discount to Oliver Wight Virtual Courses this year. Managing Demand is a four-day virtual course covering best practice forecasting and demand management in the integrated business environment.


          Best practice forecasting and demand management in the integrated business environment.

          We operate in increasingly dynamic marketplaces with global competition, consumer fads and shortening product lifecycles.

          What is the workshop about?
          This four half day virtual course is for managers at all levels who are involved in the demand management processes. It enables them to understand what is happening in the market in terms of customers and consumers and its impact on the business, and leads directly to greater predictability of short, medium and long term demands on the business. It also shows how predictability is used to drive business performance in service and inventory to reduce waste and obsolescence.

          The course covers the topics of understanding and controlling demand; the assumption-based demand planning process, the impact of the extended supply chain, and the vital activity of demand control to bring order into near term activity. It particularly describes the business process of demand management as a critical element of the Oliver Wight Integrated Business Planning process.

          In addition it ensures that there is understanding of how this is a business process that improves sales and value and not just a forecasting process.

          Cost & time:
          Cost: Payment excepted in AUD or USD
          $1,795 AUD / $1,250 USD
          Time - 9.00am-1.30pm (SGT/ CST/ HKT)/ 11.00am - 3.30pm (AEST) conducted in 4.5hr modules across four days

          ASCI Member Price: $1,615.50 SAVE $180

          Discount code: MD10ASCI

          Time - 9.00am-1.30pm (AEST)/ 11.00am - 3.30pm (NZ) conducted in 4.5hr modules across four days

          Click the link below to register to the course (Use discount code MD10ASCI)


          Thank you!

          • 25 Nov 2020
          • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (UTC+11:00)

          Ethics Series

          This webinar, hosted by the ASCI Ethics Committee, is the first in a series of ASCI Ethics Webinars designed to educate in the best practice approaches to managing ethical issues in our global supply chains.

          In this webinar you will:

          • Find out about your benefits as a registered Associate or Practitioner in an overview of the ASCI Ethics Management Program managed by the Ethics Committee under ASCI's Professional Accreditation Scheme including:
            • Overview of the Ethics Management Program and why you need it
            • Overview of the resources available to Registered Associates and Practitioners from the Program and how they help
            • Explanation of the complaints procedure and what it achieves for the profession
          • Hear from an expert in ethics measurement and an expert responsible for the Property Council of Australia's shared Modern Slavery application (Stockland, Mirvac, Lendlease, AMP, Vicinity and many others)


          Tim Proust, ASCI Ethics Management Committee Chair

          Tim Proust is a logistics management professional with over 20 years in import, export, warehousing and domestic freightmanagement. Currently he is National Logistics Manager at Toshiba where he brings considerable experience managing sales administration teams and process quality initiatives.  As Ethics Management Committee Chair, Tim leads a team of volunteers within the ASCI Community who have compiled the Ethics Management Program, Code of Ethics and Ethics Complaints proceedures in line with legislation. 

          Nicholas Bernhardt, CEO, Informed 365  

          Nicholas Bernhardt is the CEO and co-founder of Australian ESG (Environment Social Governance) / CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) tech company, Informed 365. Informed 365 has one simple mission: to help clients make better, more informed decisions. Informed 365 helps any organisation (from non-profits to global enterprises to governments) to visualise critical data in a meaningful way that allows them to understand their data. He came in from the dark side having been an investment banker who held senior management roles at Standard Chartered Bank, Nomura Securities and Ameco Financial Services.

          Robin Mellon, NSW Program Advisor, Better Building Finance

          From 2016 to 2019 Robin was CEO of the Supply Chain Sustainability School, an ASCI Collaboartion Partner that provides free sustainability learning resources and materials for companies of every size around the property, construction and infrastructure sectors in order to improve their supply chains.

          Prior to that, Robin worked with the Green Building Council of Australia from 2007 to 2015 to drive the adoption of the Green Star rating system for buildings and communities, and as Chief Operating Officer spearheaded the GBCA’s advocacy and international work and mentored a number of countries, including Israel and Hong Kong, through the process of establishing their own green building councils.

          Robin sat on the World Green Building Council’s Policy Task Force, chaired its Asia Pacific Network, and has collaborated with Austrade over many years to showcase Australian sustainability strategies. An accomplished presenter, educator and media commentator, Robin is the author of numerous articles on how Australia can capture the benefits of efficient, healthy, liveable, productive and resilient buildings, as well as better, more sustainable supply chains.

          Robin is also a regular judge of green building and urban design awards, a member of the Australian Government's Modern Slavery Advisory Committee, and has been a Judging Chair for the NSW Green Globe Awards, the Architecture and Design Awards, and the Australasian Green Gown Awards.

          There are two registration steps:

          1. Website registration to redeem your Continued Professional Development point, and
          2.  Click the link here to register to the Webinar (where you are advised to save the event to your diary)

          Thank you!

          • 18 Jan 2021
          • (UTC+11:00)
          • 19 Apr 2021
          • (UTC+10:00)
          • 13 sessions
          • Online
          • 0
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          APICS Certified in Logistics, Transport and Distribution (CLTD)

          Topics covered in this 13 week Master Instructor-led course for the CLTD designation include:

          • Logistics fundamentals
          • Logistics strategy within the supply chain
          • Logistics planning
          • Capacity and demand management
          • Order management
          • Warehousing strategy
          • Lean logistics
          • Warehouse management
          • Packaging
          • Materials handling
          • Transportation fundamentals including:
            • Modes
            • Routing
            • Carrier selection –Documentation
          • Global logistics considerations including:
            • Infrastructure
            • Regulatory framework
            • Customer
            • Payment options
            • Currency
            • Tax
          • Logistics network design including: 
            • Facilities location
            • Layout
            • Risk management
            • Reverse logistics
            • Sustainability and logistics


          It is a requirement that all students have the current CLTD Learning System and Slide Booklets prior to commencing the course.

          Learning Systems and Certification Exams are purchased separately and are not included in the price of Online Certification Review Courses.

          Click HERE to purchase a Learning System or Exam

          Who can benefit from the program?

          • People seeking in-depth knowledge of their company’s internal operations, production and inventory management
          • Employees hoping to boost productivity and collaboration
          • Managers working to improve operations, increase customer satisfaction and company profits
          • Logistics professionals looking to secure their career

          Course Information

          Attending our course is the most effective way to prepare to pass the CLTD exam.

          • Learn from a certified instructor who provides expertise, insights and guidance
          • Network, share experiences, and discuss topics with a diverse group of operations professionals
          • Stay on track to earn your certification with a structured learning experience and support

          By choosing to study with the Australasian Supply Chain Institute, you have the confidence of knowing our highly qualified instructors are CLTD Certified, experienced professionals who are ready to guide you through the preparation process.

          Study that Fits in with You

          Our Online Certification Review courses are delivered via our online webinar platform.  You will be connected with a live facilitator who will take you through the content, allow for questions and answers, provide guidance as you work through the Learning System between sessions and share insights and experiences to set you up for success.

          To access the session you will need a Windows or Mac PC/Laptop with a broadband internet connection.
          It is also advised that you have a headset and microphone available to make the most of the experience.

          Please ensure you are able to accommodate the required self paced study from the Learning System between sessions as failure to do so may see you fall behind.

          • 23 Feb 2021
          • 8:45 AM (UTC+11:00)
          • 25 Feb 2021
          • 5:00 PM (UTC+11:00)

          Supply Chain Vision In The Decade For Action

          The United Nations’ “Decade for Action” calls for accelerating sustainable solutions to all the world’s biggest challenges ranging from poverty and gender to climate change, inequality and closing the finance gap. Our global supply chains are not immune to these challenges and have their own set of sensitivities to global political, economic, geographic and social climates.  

          In its third year as the largest gathering of supply chain managers in Australia, ASCI2021 will provide clarity around what is expected of supply chain managers and what the priorities are to act and lead a future-proof global supply chain into the new decade.  

          Five themes will run throughout the conference program across six streams over three days: 

          People, culture and skills 
          Sustainability, ethics and social outcomes  
          Governance, compliance and regulation  
          Agility, operations and risk management 
          Trending technology and new supply chain ecosystems 

          Visit the conference website for the program and pricing.

          At ASCI2021, you will hear from:  

          International and local inspirational keynotes from progressive organisations 
          Case studies from peers across logistics; operations; procurement; ILS
          State Government on employment, economic growth and development 
          Experts on infrastructure growth  
          Western Sydney Airport Briefing 

          This is the largest gathering of supply chain managers with opportunities to network and share: 

          ASCI2021 Awards Dinner on on the evening of Tuesday 23 February 
          Panel discussions 
          Roundtable discussions 
          Leadership Masterclasses  
          Vendor exhibitions and private meeting spaces 

          Conveniently located in a spacious setting that adheres to social distancing: 

          Just 30 minutes from Sydney airport 
          Free shuttle buses running regularly from the train station 
          Outdoor catering 
          Flat rate for accommodation - $180 for a Superior King or Twin room 
          Free parking in 700+ spaces 

          There are two registration steps:

          1. Website registration to redeem your 20 Continued Professional Development points, and
          2. Click here to register to the conference (Use Promo Code ASCI2021 for the 10% discount and if you are Registered, there is 15% discount for Associates and 20% discount for Practitioners)

          Thank you!

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